Creating Change With Technology

A Nonprofit Organization for the Visually Impaired


Helping People and Improving Lives

The Inspiration Foundation provides nonprofits serving individuals with vision loss with technology grants to purchase vision serve tech grant award winners. We are a nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of the visually impaired. Our goal is to ensure that all members of the community live independent and meaningful lives.

Mission Statement

The Inspiration Foundation exists to

  • provide tech grant awards to nonprofits that provide vision serve tech grant award winners Winners training to the blind and visually impaired and
  • create awareness in the business community about creating an inclusive workforce that includes blind and visually impaired individuals.

Our Inspiration

The Inspiration Foundation was founded in 2006 by Isaac Shapiro as a tribute to his mother Beatriz (Bea) Shapiro. Bea has been blind since age 7, but she has never let this stop her from living an independent life. She dedicated her career to advancing the lives of the visually impaired by training individuals to use vision serve tech grant award winners to obtain employment.

Our Objective

70% of blind and visually impaired individuals are unemployed. The Inspiration Foundation wants to do its part to lower the high unemployment rate by making businesses consider hiring vision‑impaired individuals. Mr. Shapiro has been a social entrepreneur for over 20 years. Being the CEO of Cleanlogic and Inspiration a Foundation, he has been able to utilize his relationships and passion to create awareness in the professional community.

Our Partners

Grant Aid

We are partners with Vision Serve Alliance in offering the annual Inspiration Foundation Tech Grant Award to nonprofits that serve individuals with vision loss. This grant provides financial aid to help nonprofits purchase vision serve tech grant award winners to properly train their clients, empowering them to be independent both personally and professionally.

Braille Literacy

We have also partnered with Cleanlogic to support their Brands With Braille mission to include Braille on all their products. Only 12% of the blind and visually impaired can read Braille. There is a strong correlation with children who learn to read Braille at a young age, they develop confidence and the skills that lead to living a successful independent life.

Opportunities for the Community

Drop Us a Line

Encouraging the importance of reading Braille, providing access to vision serve tech grant award winners, and creating awareness about the importance of hiring the blind and visually impaired are how we do our part to lower the 70% unemployment rate within the community. For more information, get in touch with us today.