"For most people technology makes things easier.
For the Blind, technology makes things possible"

-Mary Pat Rorabaugh
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The 2013 Inspiration Foundation Award Winners Have Been Announced!

See below for a brief bio of the winners:


Kurt Weston

Kurt is totally blind in his left eye and has only limited peripheral vision and no central vision in his right eye due to cytomegalovirus retinitis which has permanently damaged his retinas.

Despite his loss of vision, Kurt is an accomplished professional photographer and photographic artist with recognition both nationally and internationally. Notable mentions include two exhibitions - "Transformations" (2006) and Shift (2011) - at the Kennedy Center for the Arts in Washington DC.

Mr. Weston has also leant his skills to the classroom. He has been teaching two digital photography classes since January of 2009.

Kurt will be receiving a Braille Note computer device which he will use to further promote his work and as a teaching tool for his students.


Sean Ryan

Sean is totally blind as a result of detached retinas.

As a certified Assistive Technology Instructor graduate from ATI, Sean has made his source of living the assistance of others who have the same disability as he does.

Mr. Ryan also runs a small business called Dark Oak Productions. The company services several internet radio stations with commercials, ID's, and the production of shows.

Sean will be receiving an Apple iMac computer which he will utilize to expand his client base for his production company as well as his Assistive Technology Instruction clientele.


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