"For most people technology makes things easier.
For the Blind, technology makes things possible"

-Mary Pat Rorabaugh
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Adaptive Technology Award

Have you been denied adaptive technology from a federal or state funded program?

Need help affording adaptive technology?

We Award Adaptive Technology Award Scholarships!

See below for details.


The Inspiration Foundation understands the important role adaptive computer technology plays in a blind or visually impaired person’s life. The Inspiration Foundation proudly awards Adaptive Technology Awards to those blind or visually impaired individuals who had been denied this technology from federal and state funded programs. Adaptive computer technology plays a very important part in helping blind or visually impaired people helping those with vision loss advance in the professional world. Adaptive technology will help in lowering the 70% unemployment rate.


Award Details

Each year, Inspiration Foundation will award a scholarship of up to $5,000.00 in adaptive technology to one individual that we feel is the best match for our program.



Must be blind or visually impaired legal resident of California or Arizona, 18 years of age or older.
All information on this application form is strictly confidential and will only be used to determine your need and ability to inspire independence.


Phase 1

Fill out an award application with your basic information as well as your needs and how you would benefit from the award. Applications for the 2014 award are not currently being accepted. The pool will open up in the fall so please check back into our website in September.


Phase 2

Once all applications have been submitted, the IF Committee will begin an application review. If we believe you are a potential match to receive the scholarship we will contact you to request the following information which is required to be considered for the award:

  1. Copy of tax returns for the past (2) years
  2. If employed, copy of pay stubs for the 3 months
  3. Social Security award letter for SSI/SSDI
  4. Denial Letter from Department Rehab or similar type of agency
  5. Letter from eye care professional that describes your visual condition
  6. Letter of recommendation from counselor, low vision specialists


Phase 3

Our committee will do a final review of those applications that were accompanied by all of the required information as outlined above. A decision will be made as a group as to who will be awarded the scholarship.


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